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Mozaïka / Bound for the Orient

Mozaïka : Verst l'Orient

Andalusia – Armenia - Hungary – Maghreb – China...

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Adventure in New France

L'Aventure en Nouvelle-France

Music of Explorers and Settlers, Aboriginal music played on traditional instruments, Music of the motherland’s main composers.

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Travelling with Samuel de Champlain

En compagnie de Samuel de Champlain

Popular music, Aboriginal reminiscences, A journey in Spain, Champlain at the court of Henry IV

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Quebec Odyssey: Music and Stories of Discovery

L'OdyssŽe vers QuŽbec

Accounts of Champlain’s voyages (in French) set to music and more instrumental music

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A Journey through the Middle Ages

Les Chemins du Moyen ĺge

Instrumental Music

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The last Knight

Le Dernier Chevalier

Oversee of 15th and 16th centuries European music: England – France – Italy – Spain – Germany

The Cry of the River

Les Cris du Fleuve

Legends and songs of the St. Lawrence (in French)

Le Cid, un cœur une épée

Le Cid

Music from New France

Music from New France

Mozaďka / Bound for the Orient

Mozaďka brings together the musical traditions from the East and West through the ages.

Dipping sometimes into traditional repertoire and at other times into the works of Western composers inspired by the East or Middle East, this recording presents a program of both previously unpublished arrangements and original compositions. Two short “musical frescoes” of a historical nature complete the picture: La porte de glace (Ice Gateway), a liberal conjuring up of the movement of the nomadic people from Asia into North America at least 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, and Caravanes (Caravans) which brings Marco Polo’s travels in the Orient back to life.

The rich blend of tones from the plucked stringed instruments—pipa (Chinese lute), lutes, guitars, bouzouki and oud—together with a musical approach distinguished by its energy and sensitivity lends Mozaďka its totally unique character.

Adventure in New France

Music of Explorers and Settlers
Aboriginal music played on traditional instruments
Music of the motherland’s main composers, including a few pieces found in New France

Aboriginal flutes – Aboriginal percussion – recorders – hurdy-gurdy – jawharp – bones – drums – baroque violin – baroque flute – lutes – harpsichord – viola da gamba

Travelling with Samuel de Champlain

From Brouage to New France

From Brouage – his native village situated in Saintonge – to New France, travelling through Brittany, Normandy, the Paris Region, and even Spain, Samuel de Champlain was widely travelled. A daring explorer, cartographer, writer, tradesman, and diplomat, the founder of Quebec City played a fundamental role in the history of French America. Here, retold in music, is Champlain’s marvellous journey from his youth to the founding of Quebec City in 1608.

A Journey through the Middle Ages

Instrumental music

The music in A Journey through the Middle Ages – some written specifically for instruments, some adapted from vocal works – offers an overview of an astonishing repertoire from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. With its musical evocation of certain key locations (Florence, Oxford, the Court of Burgundy and the Papal Court in Avignon), historical events (the crusades) and daily life in the cities and countryside, the recording brings to life these musical treasures from the past.

  • Oxford and the English way
  • Travelling to the crusades
  • Avignon, city of the popes
  • Living on the land
  • A city and its merchants: Florence
  • At the court of Burgundy

Élise GUAY, Shawm, crumhorn, recorders
Femke BERGSMA, Recorders, viol
Liette REMON, Viol
Guy ROSS, Medieval harp, ud
Patrick GRAHAM, Percussion
François LECLERC, Medieval Lute

Artistic direction and historical research : François LECLERC